Festival 2016: Silent Party

We interviewed Silent Party after a gig on the 19th of May 2016. We got some unexpected insights…

How did the band come together?

Michael: Chris and I went to school together, and Luke and I met in drama school …we were all wearing leotards…. I was a flamingo – we had to do animal transformations – and you were – what were you?

Luke: A wolf. Then a chicken…

Michael: …we got this letter saying we had to buy leotards. You thought it was the V-neck sort –

Luke: – well how would I know?

Michael: well everyone else turned up in, like, wrestler leotards – I – I went all the way, full length – I looked like I was in Cats!

Luke: Elegant! Embarrassing!

Michael: So that’s why I was a flamingo, I suppose…


About Mint Street Music Festival…

Michael: We’re really looking forward to it. And because it’s free as well, just get as many friends as you can down, sunny weather, Borough – perfect! Will you have beer stalls?

Hannah: Yes!

Michael: It’ll be brilliant. Really looking forward to it.


What are you up to at the moment?

Michael: We’re working on an EP. A sort of pop record. Due out probably in September.