Community Art

All our festivals and events are enriched by displays of art from community groups that we work with in the weeks before, making banners and decorations. Art made for Mardi Gras can be viewed at

Blackfriars Settlement Mental Health and Wellbeing Group

From 2015 onwards, for every before every event we have run a series of workshops with Blackfriars Mental Health and Wellbeing Group members. For Mint Street Music Festival, the group has made a series of up-cycled weatherproof PVC banners, hand painted with beautiful designs.

Local residents and schools

We have run projects with local residents and school children to produce art for the festival, led by local artist Ruby Wright, Lynette Mensah and Hannah Metcalfe. Our 2019 art project highlighted the issue of plastic pollution, with fish made from folded crisp packets and a rainbow of plastic from the river Thames.